Services and Pricing

Services and Pricing



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Introductory Package       $225 for 5 Private Sessions

5 private, one on one sessions, 50 minute each.  These sessions introduce the new client to Pilates Franklin and the STOTT PILATES method.  Initial sessions include postural assessment, movement pattern/muscle imbalance evaluations, and STOTT PILATES repertoire utilizing each equipment type. These sessions are the foundation for ongoing sessions customized to your individual needs and goals, or progression to duet or class participation. Please see session descriptions below.


Private sessions               $65 or Package of 10 for $600

50 minutes of one on one instruction customized to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for postural re-education or training for athletic enhancement, our personalized custom instruction and skilled instructors can help you meet your goals in a safe and effective manner. Sessions make use of mat, reformer, tower, Cadillac and Stability Chair exercises; props are used as appropriate.

Duet sessions                   $40 or Package of 10 for $380

Private sessions shared by two clients. Compatible clients are paired according to similar goals and abilities; sessions are individually customized to meet the needs of the pair. Bring a friend or we will try to find you a partner.

Apprentice sessions         $45

Similar to one on one private sessions but are taught by one of our apprentice staff. Apprentice staff work in close association with certified staff and are actively progressing toward their certification exam.

Equipment Classes          $35 or Package of 10 for $280

Equipment Classes are all STOTT PILATES based and limited to 4 participants per class to ensure the highest quality instruction. This class will utilize Reformer, Cadillac, tower and Stability Chair.  Moving through each apparatus allows you to experience the benefits and challenges each piece of equipment brings to your practice.  Appropriate for Beginner through Advanced level clients.

Mat Classes                      $20 or Package of 10 for $180

This STOTT PILATES based essential/intermediate level mat class is limited to 6 participants. This class provides a great full-body workout to balance strength, mobility and stability. We incorporates flex bands, stability balls, foam rollers, and other small props to challenge or assist. By focusing on breath, and correct movement patterns, you will work your entire body and leave feeling refreshed and strong.